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Count on scalable, consistent, and comprehensive Magento development and eCommerce strategy services with our versatile, experienced, and on-demand Magento experts. Our professionals stay abreast of the latest Magento technicalities, blending experience and knowledge to serve store owners wisely. The result? Your eCommerce site gains a perfectly branded, customer-centric experience that entices and delivers financial gains.

From Magento Design to Development, expect custom solutions crafted to blend with your business & establish your dream eCommerce store

We provide a complete range of Magento Web Development services so that you can take advantage of out-of-the-box eCommerce experiences! From customizing Magento storefront and backend, seamless migration & upgrades, and custom Magento extension development, we help provide cutting-edge Magento services for a feature-rich B2B or B2C online store.

SJ Innovation is a NY-based Magento Development team with 2.5 years of industry experience in customizing Magento skills on an expert level. While our Magento specialists leverage unique eCommerce platforms to nudge your online sales in the right direction, our Frontend developers transform your store to make it appealing to your desired audience.

Our Capabilities

Android Native Apps Development
Android Native Apps Development

Magento Consulting & Advisory

We offer an effective approach to customizing the Magento storefront and backend— providing strategic and technical Magento consulting services. The result? An optimized storefront user experience. From brainstorming on ideas and execution to the analysis of requirements and implementing customizations, experience a branded, customer-centric, engaging digital shopping experience.

iOS Apps Development

Magento Migration & Upgrades

Thinking about moving to Magento? Our experts not only transfer data, we examine all the assets and flaws of your existing condition to deliver a revamped version after migration. We also help you gain a custom, seamless, secure Magento Migration while retaining store functionalities. So, upgrading your old Magento version to the latest one without any data loss or customization breaks is hassle-free.

Cross Platform and Native App Development

Magento Web Development

We help you build feature-rich, high-performing, fully secure, and scalable enterprise digital commerce solutions. Our experts help develop a thriving B2B, B2C online store experience by implementing a custom Magento module using standard Magento programming and directory structure. We also provide site optimization and look after the SEO work of your entire store — setting up multiple stores running on various subdomains and customizing layouts of Magento pages (category, product, checkout, cart).

Cross Platform and Native App Development

Custom Magento Extension Development

Looking for a Magento extension for your eCommerce store or need a custom Magento extension to aid your SAAS services? Our Magento certified developers specialize in building custom modules that you won’t otherwise find on Magento, based uniquely on your requirements. We bring your vision to life, putting a scalable and effective plan in place so delivering an exceptional shopping experience and establishing brand authority becomes a breeze.

Cross Platform and Native App Development

Website Design & Development

Our experts are well-versed in creating stunning design solutions for the visitor to have an extraordinary, enriching user interface design. We build custom themes from scratch depending on your requirements, with designs that are highly responsive and create an engaging experience. With immersive themes that align with your business model, our team also provides captivating marketing email templates that contribute to your brand’s unique identity!

Cross Platform and Native App Development

Payment Gateway Integration

It’s a well-known fact that the Magento platform supports multiple currencies and so we optimize your payment gateway integration completely, based on your needs. Our Magento experts work proficiently with PayPal payment gateway integration as well as other payment methods available for the Magento store.

Cross Platform and Native App Development

Support & Maintenance

No website issue or optimization problem goes unnoticed! We believe open, transparent, and systematic communication is key to long-term success. If you report an issue or want to transform the website’s design or theme, we work round-the-clock to optimize your storefront. Our Magento developers provide timely updates and offer undivided support to resolve your issues fast. We also handle regular maintenance work on live projects.

AWS Cloud Migration

High-performance cloud migration that fits to scale for cloud-ready, automated and agile databases and applications with minimal disruption to business processes.

Architecture Design & Build

Align the capabilities of AWS technology with your business, industry and budget through expert environment assessments, cost analysis and custom-built architectures.

Why rely on us?

Ease of Use

Fast Speed Optimization

We offer the latest and custom performance optimization fixes and recommendations that help your store run faster and speed up website loading.


Steadfast Security

Our Magento team keeps security at the core of development and is constantly working to issue innovative solutions to fix and improve security dilemmas. We work efficiently to ensure secure, high-performance, and easy to manage websites.


Transparent, Constant Communication

Right from the first day, expect complete project visibility with us. We have multiple open lines of communication and will offer timely support while updating you with the project’s status constantly.


Cost-effectiveness With Flexible Payment Terms

While we ensure you are always in the loop through agile methodology, we always work to keep delivery streamlined and provide cost-effective engagements, crafted to match your goals, budget as well as timeline.




AWS Certifications


Projects worked on

Why Us

Culture based Company with Employee Happiness at its Heart

Culture Based Company with Employee Happiness at its Heart

We are a profoundly knowledgeable and experienced Shopify eCommerce development company that has worked with global clients from various industries. Over the years, we have worked on diverse Shopify projects for global clients across various industries.

Extensive Hours of Support Through New York Based project team

Extensive Hours of Support Through New York Based project team

Significantly decrease your cost and manual effort, increase test coverage and effectiveness, and shorten testing cycles with our TestLab. We will help you to automatically detect mistakes, catch early bugs, and ensure that the code follows right business logic.

Transparent Processes and Clear Communication

Transparent Processes and Clear Communication

Get an unbiased review of practically every aspect of your application. Our QA experts implement valuable and consistent benchmarks to give you in-depth, rich data that you and your team can use to make informed decisions.

Trusted and Experienced Team

Trusted and Experienced Team

We have 17 years of experience, are globally renowned, trusted, and follow a transparent, well-established communication process from execution to final product.

Excellent Communication Skills

Excellent Communication Skills

We embed SJI’s testing processes and QA experts with continuous Integration practices of ongoing automation and continuous monitoring throughout the lifecycle of apps, from integration and testing phases to delivery and deployment.

Flexible Payment Terms

Flexible Payment Terms

Get an unbiased review of practically every aspect of your application. Our QA experts implement valuable and consistent benchmarks to give you in-depth, rich data that you and your team can use to make informed decisions.

Structured Analysis and report

Structured Analysis and report

We test and validate the communication and data exchange that passes through your APIs connecting two or more separate software systems. The purpose of API testing is to check the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of the programming interfaces, while keeping an eye towards industry-specific compliance requirements.

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Design & Development for Lifecycle Marketing Consultancy



Project Summary

SJ Innovation LLC provides design and development services for a lifecycle marketing consulting agency. The goal is to create marketing communication for third-party clients.

Feedback Summary

Since SJ Innovation LLC joined the project, they have not missed any deadline, and the third-party clients have received high-quality solutions. The third-party clients have also given excellent feedback. The team's communication is seamless, updating the client from time to time.

"The turnaround times of deliverables have

been the most impressive area they excel in."

Jackson Yomogida

Jackson Yomogida

Co-Founder - Grafted Growth

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Created with sketchtool.

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