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Let's create a comprehensive plan for optimized business success with proven architectural techniques!

  • Are you fully utilizing the capabilities of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure?

  • Are you following the best industry-recognized practices in your architecture?

  • Is your current architecture effectively achieving your business and technical objectives while minimizing costs?

If your answer is no to any of the above questions, it's time to unlock the hidden power of your AWS architecture.

Is your infrastructure Well-Architected?

A well-architected infrastructure can lead to significant business benefits—reduced costs, improved security and compliance, more reliable core systems for enhanced customer experiences, and more. To assist in this endeavor, AWS solutions architects have developed AWS architecture best practices. The AWS cloud solutions team conducts thorough AWS architecture assessment based on their extensive experience, designing and analyzing thousands of customer architectures on AWS across multiple industries and use cases. This knowledge has been consolidated into the AWS Well-Architected Framework which revolves around six key pillars.

The AWS Well-Architected Framework is built on six pillars

Security: Cloud infrastructure assessment with AWS security services to ensure information and systems are safeguarded from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure.

Reliability: Proactively prevent and recover from failures using foundational elements through AWS cloud optimization to ensure business and customer demand.

Performance Efficiency: AWS performance optimization ensures information and systems are safeguarded from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure to achieve AWS cloud compliance.

Operational Excellence: AWS cloud governance helps consistently monitor and improve systems to boost business value and streamline operations.

Cost Optimization: AWS cost management as part of AWS cloud strategy to help minimize unnecessary expenses and ensure cost-effectiveness.

Sustainability: Adopt sustainable practices with AWS operations optimization and conduct AWS workload analysis to reduce the environmental impact of cloud computing workloads.

Benefits of the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review

AWS's Well-Architected Review helps with:

Ease of Use

Improved Performance

With AWS performance optimization, businesses recognize and eliminate infrastructure bottlenecks for faster service delivery, better AWS cloud optimization, and higher performance.


Increased Scalability

With cloud migration best practices, businesses can use AWS architecture validation to identify and resolve scalability issues and easily scale their infrastructure to meet growing demands.


Cost Savings

Through AWS cost management, identify and eliminate unnecessary resources and inefficiencies, so businesses reduce their overall expenses and move towards AWS performance optimization.


Enhanced Security

Businesses identify and address security vulnerabilities through AWS security services, ensuring their infrastructure meets AWS cloud compliance standards and regulations.


Better Resource Management

The review process conducts cloud infrastructure assessment and helps businesses with AWS workload analysis to understand how they are using their resources, allowing them to maximize efficiency and cut waste.


Improved Resilience

With an AWS infrastructure review, businesses identify and address potential weak points to build resilient infrastructure and an AWS cloud strategy that can withstand unexpected events and disruptions.


Better Governance

With AWS architecture assessment, businesses establish and maintain AWS cloud governance controls, making it easier to manage their AWS resources and guarantee compliance with AWS architecture best practices, internal policies, and regulatory requirements.


Better Collaboration

The review process encourages AWS performance optimization and collaboration among different teams and departments, enabling them to cooperate in the creation and upkeep of AWS cloud solutions and a well-architected infrastructure.

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Free AWS Well-Architected Framework Review by SJ Innovation

How SJ Innovations’ AWS's Well-Architected Review works,

Know the steps

We begin by defining the workload and its objectives. This includes AWS operations optimization, AWS workload analysis, and identifying specific business and technical requirements for the workload.

We will review the current architecture via an AWS infrastructure review and identify any potential issues or areas of improvement. This includes AWS reliability optimization, evaluating the security, performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of the current architecture.

We will create a report that summarizes the findings of the review, conduct AWS architecture validation, and provide recommendations for improving the architecture. This report should be shared with the relevant stakeholders for feedback.

We will implement the recommended improvements to the architecture using cloud migration best practices and test the workload to ensure it meets the defined objectives.

We will repeat the review process periodically to ensure AWS reliability optimization is never compromised with and the architecture remains well-architected and up to date with the latest best practices and technologies.

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Free AWS Well-Architected Framework Review by SJ Innovation