On-Demand Quality Assurance of Software and UAT Tester for Optimized Development

Prime your software for a successful product launch and operational longevity with an experienced on-demand QA team at your side. Our Quality Assurance team specializes in end-to-end software testing and UAT testing delivered with the latest methodologies and tools to ensure optimized software development life cycles and market-leading performance.

From Apps to Enterprise Software, We Offer Integrated Solutions for All of Your QA Testing Needs

We provide a full range of on-demand software quality assurance services in accommodation of business process and management, mobile app and web app testing, API testing, frontend automation testing, backend integration and software portability needs. Our QA Team utilizes a wide array of device types including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, enterprise systems and AI analytics platforms to achieve maximum product quality.

SJ Innovation is a New-York based Quality Assurance Team with 17 years of industry success and behind hundreds of launched applications and systems. Our Certified QA engineers collaborate with your team on an integrated level for functional testing, performance testing, test automation and UAT services available within 36hrs of contract approval. Our unwavering commitment to flexible and transparent services has made us one of the most reliable QA Teams in New York with best-in-class Quality Assurance from test plans to post-production support.

Our Capabilities

AWS Cloud Migration

Performance Testing with Jmeter

We ensure optimal web application performance through comprehensive load and stress testing with Apache Jmeter, an advanced tool designed to identify user limitations of both static and dynamic environments through interactive graphical analyses of performance reports.

Architecture Design & Build

API Testing with Postman

We perform time-and-cost effective API Testing with Postman, an intuitive and user-friendly platform supporting both manual and automated testing with preloaded code snippets, multi-environment testing capabilities, cloud storage of Live Documentations and Collections, and integrated command line tools for build systems with compatibility for all platforms and OS.

AWS Managed Services

Frontend Automation with Selenium

We design and execute custom testing scenarios with Selenium, an industry-leading web browser testing tool that supports all major operating systems and programming languages with custom automation of commands and a range of integrated plugins and extensions.

DevOps Automation

Quality Assurance and UAT

Our Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) services help facilitate development life cycles and market entry thanks to reduced ongoing maintenance costs, real-time issue repairs, increased software usability and security, and a product release in alignment with end-user vision and satisfaction.

AWS Cloud Service

Front-end Automation with Cypress

We streamline frontend automation with Cypress, a highly versatile testing framework featuring readily usable dependencies, libraries and debugging tools integrated directly with browser development platforms alongside fast test execution with automated wait times for DOM, loading, animation and more. Additional benefits of Cypress include time travel commands, automated test suite videos and industry-leading reliability.

AWS Cloud Migration

High-performance cloud migration that fits to scale for cloud-ready, automated and agile databases and applications with minimal disruption to business processes.

Architecture Design & Build

Align the capabilities of AWS technology with your business, industry and budget through expert environment assessments, cost analysis and custom-built architectures.

Who's This For?

Businesses seeking cost-effective, experienced & reliable third-party testing services

Developers who want to enhance their testing capabilities and streamline product release

Consulting and outsourcing companies looking for versatile integration of testing technology

Anyone who can benefit from real-time testing support during peak hours and loads

Startup companies seeking optimized market entry and brand management through excellent product quality


Highly experienced QA engineers from various programming backgrounds


Successful projects spanning a wide-range of industries


7 days a week on-demand availability

Why Us

Culture based Company with Employee Happiness at its Heart

Culture based company with employee happiness at its heart

We’ve been in the business long enough to know that employee happiness means collaboration, focus and benefits transferred directly on the customer.

Extensive Hours of Support Through New York Based project team

Excellent Communication Skills

We work hard to establish fluid communication between teams and achieve integrated development from test plan and execution to final product.

Transparent Processes and Clear Communication

Flexible payment terms

Get an unbiased review of practically every aspect of your application. Our QA experts implement valuable and consistent benchmarks to give you in-depth, rich data that you and your team can use to make informed decisions.

Trusted and Experienced Team

Proven QA Team

Our globally renowned and trusted QA Team has over 17 years’ experience delivering transparent services at the cutting edge of software testing capability.

Excellent Communication Skills

Extended Hours of Support

Our New York based Quality Assurance team offers 18 hours a day on-demand assistance with team sizes and technologies adaptive to your immediate needs.

Flexible Payment Terms

Structured analysis and report

We adhere to a structured approach, so all testing stages are based on a detailed analysis covering all areas of the software. Get a detailed report and constant communication with the team to keep abreast of all changes in your software product.

Technology We Use

Who We've Worked With

Our Client Testimonials

QA & UI/UX Testing for Chemical Cleaning Supplies Firm


Application Testing

Project Summary

SJ Innovation LLC provides QA services for a chemical cleaning company. Their work includes ensuring all code quality is up to par and doesn’t harm the site.

Feedback Summary

SJ Innovation LLC’s work meets all expectations. The team is efficient, hardworking, and delivers exceptional QA. Customers can expect a well-priced service from a team of seasoned professionals.

“They’re communicative and attentive to

what needs to be done.”

Jackson Yomogida

Andrew Perez

E-Commerce Manager, Chemical Guys

Quality Assurance Success Stories

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